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Can anyone else believe that summer is over?! Wowza that flew by...doesn't it always though! With boot season now coming into full swing and change is in the air, my clients have been requesting huge changes! Huge as in, Almost Black to blonde......HUGE as in Red to Silver! Anyone who knows me knows that Colour correction makes me happy happy, I absolutley love the challenge and the decoding of the puzzle so to speak that is colour correction itself. Other than making sure my clients are in love with their hair my second objective is to make sure that their beautiful locks stay *ahem* beautiful! This means despite long hours of proccessing I want minimal damage and maximum awesome. I don't take what I am about to say lightly....THIS PRODUCT CHANGED MY LIFE! (well my colour life ha ha but that pretty much is my life :) ) So let me tell you what it is already! DS Labs CONTINUUM is a mix in or stand alone treatment that restructurizes your hair as you colour it! Here is a little explaination from their own team.

"CONTINUUM has perfected the art of restructuring.The ultimate salon tool, service, or stand-alone treatment for a variety of applications. Use it to repair damaged, over processed hair, or as a tool to negate the damaging effects of chemical processing in real time without the need to bump up the level of lightener or add time to the lightening process. Push the creative envelope into possibilities never before possible.In keeping with DS laboratories tradition of pushing the boundaries of science, we have created our own proprietary multi-molecular formula that literally transforms the hair strand in ways we could only previously dream of. Over processed hair becomes perfect, split or dry hair is revitalized, damage from coloring, lightening or chemical processing is repaired, color pops and balance is restored. Hair is resilient to humidity, while curls or styling holds like you just walked out of the salon. Hair is internally restructured to be beyond the best it has ever been."

As a Master colourist and Stylist for almost 10 years this truly is a game changer. We can push the envelope and do things that were never possible before. Try it with your next colour service! it! Your hair will say thank you!!!! :) <3 Arlana


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