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Why Tape in extensions are taking over!

What If you could instantly have the length, volume or colour you were dreaming of!?! A fraction of the cost of other extensions with application averaging an hour, this fast, painless and natural looking solution is taking the industry by storm. The tape is designed to be secure and functional, but it doesnt damage your hairs cuticle. This means that tape in extensions are the perfect solution for growing out that awkward length.

Do you love those punky colours but the thought of funky bright colours but don't want have the maintenence or damage on the hair? These extensions come in many colours or you can have one of our master colourists customize your colour to you!

The options are endless with these amazing extensions, and the best part.....they are human hair so you can style them as you do your regular hair.

Book a consultation today and check this hair-life changing product out!

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